Northland Farms

Exceptional Simmental & SimAngus Cattle

Exceptional Simmental & SimAngus Cattle


Shear Force

Homozygous Polled  Heterozygous Black  PB
Sire: Nichols Legacy G151  Dam: C&D Tracy (600U)

Shear Force is a Breeding Value powerhouse – leading the Simmental Breed in Calving Ease, Birth Weight, Maternal Calving Ease, Maternal Milk, Docility, Marbling, and API. Even though he is deceased and semen is scarce, his influence will continue to be an important part of our program.

Top Grade

Homozygous Polled  Homozygous Black  3/4 SM
Sire: Up Grade  Dam: MCM 513R (Marbler)

Top Grade consistently sires low birth weight, high growth rate sons and attractive, right size females that milk heavy and raise great calves!


Homozygous Polled  Homozygous Black  PB Angus
Sire: Grid Maker  Dam: SAU Abignale

Practically a household name in Angus circles. Legendary for producing beautiful daughters that hit the “sweet spot” for their combination of frame, capacity, femininity, and productivity. We have found Bismarck-sired SimAngus halfbloods to be superb!


Homoyzgous Polled  Heterozygous Black  PB
Sire: Dream On  Dam: Northland Miss 422P (Joker)

We pretty much don’t sell Pacemaker daughters – they are that good! His calves come easy, grow fast and are stamped with a “look” that sets them apart!


Homozygous Polled  Homozygous Black  PB
Sire: Cut Above  Dam: Northland Miss 810U (Dream On)

A Blaze Face powerhouse! Wide based, big footed and thick. Command sires rugged bulls and attractive, productive daughters.

Northland TEN

Homozygous Polled  Homozygous Black  HB
Sire: LRS Top Ten 104A  Dam: Northland Miss 427B

An impressive Top Ten son and out of our most productive Bismarck daughter.
“Ten” sires cattle with exceptional growth and shape. He is our primary SimAngusTM herdsire, and we have found him to work well on a wide range of types and pedigrees.